Sinurambi Tambunan

Kota Kinabalu Attraction - Sinurambi Tambunan. This is Sinurambi Viewing Point, built on the top peak of a hill so anybody can enjoy beautiful view from top level of the viewing point. Click on the picture for larger size.

Mount Kinabalu And Mantanani


4 young girls from South Korea enjoying their holidays in Kota Kinabalu by doing joyful activities. They climbed the top peak of Mount Kinabalu successfully (as you can see in picture above) and then went to Mantanani Beach.


Camping In Hounon

staring to the majestic Mount Kinabalu - photo by @siti.najemah.ahmad

Kota Kinabalu attractions - The place you see in this post is Hounon Ridge Farmstay. Once you arrive here, you will see a beautiful natural scenery facing Mountain Kinabalu, the highest top peak in South East Asia.

Hounon Ridge Farmstay is famous as camping spot. It is also popular travel destinations for newly weds couple and for weekend getaway among city crowd.

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @kundasang_ hounon

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @m_afifasyraf

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @bahrin_anuar

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @nethalynnez

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @ellysuhaili

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @ellysuhaili

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @ellysuhaili

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @ellysuhaili

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @abdullahhashim79

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Hounon Ridge Farmstay photo by @mrs.marcellamaidin
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Idris Journey

Idris (left) with Sea Gypsy kids in wooden boat

Kota Kinabalu attractions - Idris shares his travel journey to Sabah, Malaysia (North Borneo) trough his photos. In the first photo, that is when he was in Sibuan island in Semporna.

Sibuan is one of 49 islands in Semporna and one of popular destinations in Semporna, the small district is East Coast of Sabah (North Borneo).

Travel from the jetty in Semporna city center to Sibuan island takes about 40 minutes depending on weather and sea condition.

When you arrive in Sibuan island, you will be greeted by Sea Gypsy or 'palauh' people, a group of nomadic sea people.

They live near the area. No electricity, no WiFI, no modern lifestyle. Only them, the sea and the island. The sea is their home and their playground. Photo credits: @idrismohad

View at top peak in Bohey Dulang island

the beach in an island in Semporna

Idris in Desa Dairy Farm, popular attraction in Kundasang area
sitting near Kota Kinabalu city mosque, also called as Blue Mosque

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North Borneo Railway

enjoying the view and the food served in the train

Kota Kinabalu travel blog - Riding the historic North Borneo Railway. How does it feel boarding an old steam powered train from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom?

You got a chance to experience it by joining North Borneo Railway daily trip. Get onboard this classic train while enjoying the beautiful view of West Coast of North Borneo Malaysia during your journey.

Here's the is North Borneo Railway's train schedule:

  • 9.30am - Boarding at Tanjung Aru Station - Breakfast is provided
  • 10.00am - Depart from Tanjung Aru Station for Papar
  • 10.40am - Stop at Kinarut Town - visit Tien Shi Temple or traditional shops
  • 11.00am - Depart from Kinarut Station
  • 11.45am - Arrive in Papar Town - visit local wet market and shops
  • 12.20pm - Re-board train for return journey
  • 12.30pm - Depart from Papar Station for Tanjung Aru
  • 12.40pm - 'Tiffin' Lunch onboard
  • 1.40pm - Arrive at Tanjung Aru Station

How much the price for a ride?

The price for boarding North Borneo Railway is 358.50 nett per adult /per child (Age above 4 years old). For kids below 3 years of age, the ride will be for free.

Food and beverages will be served in the train by fully trained service staff, dressed in British colonial attire just like you see in the photos.

What is so special about North Borneo Railway? The train they use is an old steam train. The old train itself has been used since 1914 until now.

Back on the year of 2000, Sabah State Railway Department created a join venture with Sutera Harbour Resort.

Their project is to re-create new experience for and new life for North Borneo Railway. Thus, their joint venture creates historic train experience for the guests of Sutera Harbour Resort and other tourists who come to Kota Kinabalu for vacation.

The state railway department takes care of the train and the railway while Sutera Harbour Resort takes care of guests service system in the train.

The railway celebrated its centennial anniversary in 1996 as the oldest form of transportation in North Borneo.

train staff served hot beverages

North Borneo Railway boarding ticket

train driver burnn magrove woods to power up the train

waiting for the train to depart

North Borneo Railway signage in train station

view in Tanjung Aru train station, about 10 minutes from city center

passengers seat inside the train

North Borneo Railway boarding pass and ticket

food and beverages menu served in North Borneo Raiway



the 'Tiffin' food given to passengers

this is how it looks like inside the tiffin